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I know, there is so much you need to know before you can live green, right? Wrong, living green is easy and cheap(something we could all use right now).
Before I get into it there are a few things you should know.
First, you do not have to install a windmill or solar panels to live green (it would be cool though).
Second, green can save money and time.
TURN OFF/UNPLUG This is the hardest one in my opinion.
When you leave a room turn out the lights, that's the hard part.
If your like me this simple task is nearly impossible, why, I don't know.
Other things that go along with this are, TV.
I noticed the other day that both my TV's were on and I was using the computer and I was the only one home.
Simply turning these things off when you don't need them is a big step to saving a lot of energy and money.
Also just unplugging appliances that are not in use saves a lot too.
DRIVE LESS About a month ago, we went to our neighbors to have dinner, 2 blocks down the street.
I drove.
When we got there my wife said "I guess we could have walked".
That's what I mean when I say drive less.
You could also ride your bike to work, save gas and get in shape.
Another way is to limit your shopping to only a couple times a month (we do this and it saves money both in gas and in shopping).
Watch TV instead of going to the movie or ride your bike to the theater.
There are many ways to drive less it just depends on the person.
GREEN BAGS You know, the ones at the grocery store.
Some are actually green, the color.
The ones we got cost a dollar a piece.
We use them for many other things than to haul grocery's, very handy.
Plus, their cool.
WATER BOTTLE Ah yes the water bottle.
There are many different kinds to suit your personality.
I suggest getting 2, keep one half full in the freezer, that way you can fill it the rest of the way and it will stay cold, and one in the fridge.
If you have bad water, get a water purifier.
I have done the math and this is less expensive than buying bottled water.
The big, main reason for the water bottle is the landfill The plastic bottles that water comes in take a long time to degrade.
Before long all that will be in the landfills will be plastic water bottles.
Not good.
THOUGHTS OK, my thoughts on living green are waste not want not (my grandma has told me that many times).
The way society is living these days is messy.
Look at all the trash everywhere, we pollute our precess air with exhaust.
We are a very wasteful bunch.
Think of it this way, remember when your mom would say "keep your room clean in case somebody comes over".
Well think about how the aliens look at the mess we've made.
MORE These are just a few ways to live green.
There are many other ways.
You just need to find the green living that suits you best.
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