Different Parts of a Camera

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    • Manual cameras have a number of different parts that allow the user to capture an image on film. These parts include the lens, shutter, shutter speed control, aperture, camera body, flash shoe, film rewind, film advance lever/knob, shutter release, viewfinder and self-timer.

    Function: Light Control

    • The lens draws and focuses light onto the film, the shutter controls the length of time that light strikes the film, the shutter speed control directs how long the shutter stays open and the aperture controls the amount of light that enters the film at a given time.

    Function: Structural Parts

    • The camera body holds all the camera parts and the flash shoe is the point where the flash connects to the camera body.

    Function: Film-Related Parts

    • The film rewind returns the film into a cassette and the film advance moves the film out of the cassette from one frame to another.

    Function: Picture-Taking Parts

    • The shutter release activates the shutter, the viewfinder allows the photographer to frame the picture and the self-timer delays the shutter release so the photographer can be in the picture.

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