How to Remove Acrobat Reader Add-Ons From Firefox

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    • 1). Open Mozilla Firefox and allow it to completely load on your screen.

    • 2). Select "Add-ons" found in the Mozilla Firefox Tools Menu. The Add-ons dialog box will load.

    • 3). Select "Extensions or Themes." Select "Adobe Acrobat Reader" in the populated list. Select "Uninstall." Close and restart Mozilla Firefox. After Mozilla Firefox restarts if your Acrobat Reader Plug-in is not uninstalled, then it is locked. If this is the case, continue to Step 4.

    • 4). Start Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode. Select "Start" and scroll up to the "Search" text box (if you are using a version of Windows earlier than Vista, select "Run"). Type in the following into the Search text box: "firefox -safe-mode" (without quotation marks). Press "Enter."

    • 5). Select "Continue in Safe Mode" on the Firefox Safe Mode dialog box. Begin Steps 1-3 just as you did in Normal Mode. Once you have finished uninstalling close and restart Mozilla Firefox.

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