Different Hair Dye Colors

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    • Blond hair dye can be a natural, more yellow shade, or a lighter shade that is almost white, referred to as bleach blond. Blond highlights work well on darker hair colors and range from bleach blond to a coppery gold.


    • Brown hair dyes typically fall into one of two categories. Darker brown tones may be closer to black or have cool shades of purple mixed in. Warmer shades of brown are lighter, coppery shades and may have a hint of red undertones.


    • Soft black is more natural looking and lighter, while darker blacks look less natural. Often a blue black or a purple tinted black can be found for those who want an extremely dark shade.


    • Reds come in a variety of shades ranging from a natural red, which appears more orange in color, to a fiery red that is either used on its own or mixed with a brown or black shade to tone it down.


    • There are a variety of other colors that are not considered natural hair colors. Pink, green, blue and purple are just of few of these shades. They can be used as hair dye or for highlights depending on the user's preference.

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