Dating Women - What Do You Do If Her Ex is Floating Around?

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As a guy, when you are dating women, especially attractive women, you have to deal with the fact that she has ex-lovers.
That would be all right if the exes stayed away from you but if she still has an ex (or two or three or four) hanging around, and she is your girlfriend (or more), what should your response be? She might claim he is just a "friend" and that there are "reasons" why he is still in her life, but something in your gut is telling you that its wrong.
Think about this, if they went out to lunch together, and she reached over and kissed him, would he push her away saying "were just friends, what are you doing?" Or, would he kiss her back? You know the answer to that.
When she lets ex-lovers hang around, she is spitting in your face.
It should be viewed as anti-loyal.
But is it her fault? No, it is yours my friend! Her exes hanging around is probably not a new phenomenon, right? So, if you knew exes were floating around, what did you do? You went ahead and made her your girlfriend anyway and now these guys are floating around in the background as they always have.
The time to take a stand (or just get rid of her entirely if she refused to dust the exes away) was when you were DATING HER, not after you committed to her as your girlfriend (or more!) Too many times guys let their own interest level (feelings towards the woman), blind them to things they should see.
"I will just deal with it as it comes.
" "We can work it out" "We will be so in love that it will not matter in the long run.
" Guy, if there is something wrong and its bothering you in the initial stages of seeing her IT ONLY GETS WORSE.
Remember guy, when you are dating women, DO NOT make her your girlfriend when there are exes floating around in the background.
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