What Your Momma Taught You About Horse Racing Even If She Wasn"t a Horse Player

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While dear old Mom may not have been a horse player, she probably taught you some valuable lessons that you can apply to your horse racing handicapping.
On the other hand, if Momma did play the ponies, she may have taught you a lot more.
I speak from first hand knowledge because my mother was a horse player and a good Mom.
One of the things Momma might have taught you was money management skills.
Do you forget those lessons that she taught you when you go to the track? Shame on you.
Take a few minutes to think back to the example that she showed you and the things she said.
Most Moms know us pretty well and read our personality, so if Momma told you you'll never be a good horse player, I'm afraid I'll have to agree with her.
Whether or not she dispensed any forecasts for your future turf accounting success, however, Mom probably taught you some things you can use.
For instance, what did she say about listening to other people and believing what they say? I think this might come under the heading of tips and pundits.
When you read about an upcoming race and the quotes and observations of the so-called experts, remember that many moms say, "Believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear.
" That is really good advice when you overhear someone in the crowd whispering a tip to his pal.
He may be the biggest liar in seven counties, so take Mom's advice to heart and stick with what you know and half of what you read in the form.
I don't mean to disparage the form, they do an excellent job of recording statistics and the facts, but the facts don't always tell the whole story.
If a horse lost a race, it doesn't mean it was trying to win.
Perhaps the trainer told the jockey to give it a race to condition it and will try harder with it next time out.
The form can't tell you that, only that the horse lost and how many lengths separated it from the winner.
Momma probably said, "Believe only half of what you see.
" So if you're in the paddock and a horse looks great before a race, just remember that some of the biggest stinkers at the race track look great until the starting gate opens.
Then they flounder around the track.
Momma probably taught you not to put all your eggs in one basket, so don't bet too much on any one race or any one day.
She may have told you to put aside a little something for a rainy day, that's good advice, too, especially if you spot a horse that is a great mudder and it's pouring Persians and Poodles outside.
Finally, the biggest lesson your Momma taught you is that our mothers have a big impact on our lives and who we are and what we do, so when you're handicapping, don't just look at the sires, but also consider the dam.
She probably taught her youngster a thing or two as well.
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