Survive a Breakup - 7 Strategies to Get Over Being Dumped

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Maintaining a good relationship can be hard work.
But when a relationship comes to a close, it can be even tougher figuring out how to get over being dumped.
Here are 7 tips to help you survive a breakup.
Take the necessary time to grieve.
When a relationship ends it is not so unlike a death.
Your relationship was a significant part of your life.
Much like a piece of fabric, the threads of that relationship are woven into your very being.
Seeing it all end will likely rip at your heart.
Allow yourself to mourn the loss.
One way to do do this is to write a letter to your ex.
Express everything that you are feeling, but don't mail the letter.
Just get it all out and then burn it.
This should help to finalize things in your heart and in your mind and help you get over being dumped.
Do a mutual exchange of all property.
When you are trying to get over being dumped, you need a bunch of reminders of your ex lying around.
Some people like to hold on to things for sentimental reasons or sometimes for revenge.
Both are a mistake and will only hinder your desire to survive a breakup.
Reconnect and socialize with your friends.
Don't stay cooped up in your place with only your thoughts and memories to taunt you.
Your friends will want to help you get over being dumped, so let them.
Getting out and enjoying life again will help you to survive a breakup.
Join a health club.
This has multiple benefits.
Physical activity increases endorphins in your body which in turn acts as an anti-depressant.
You will also be opening yourself up to contact with other people.
Finally, as you begin to get in shape you will look better, feel better and you'll have an increased level of self confidence making it even easier to get over being dumped.
Pursue a passion.
A good way to survive a breakup is to refocus your attention.
When you were in a relationship, your attention was mostly focused on your ex.
Now is a good time to pick up an old hobby or find a new one.
It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's not stalking your ex.
Just have fun with it! 6.
Get involved in some sort of charity work or other activity where you can give of yourself to help other people.
Everywhere you look there are people who are in worse situations than yourself and nothing compares to the inward satisfaction you will feel when you reach out and touch another human being in their need.
Don't shut yourself off from love.
Take a chance and date again.
When you are still trying to get over being dumped, it is only natural to not want to open yourself up to being hurt again.
But being a hermit or a recluse is not the answer either.
As in the words of the song, "Desiderata", "You better let somebody love you, before it's too late.
" There is no need to jump headlong into another committed relationship, but when you are trying to survive a breakup, getting yourself back into casual dating will certainly help the process.
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