HRT Can Help With Osteoporosis Concerns

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When osteoporosis is a concern around the time of menopause, many options are available for treatment.
From hrt Evista to exercise and vitamin therapy and beyond, there is no reason to take this condition as a forgone conclusion.
There are options for prevention and even treatment.
Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease that can cause a loss of bone mass.
In the process, the bones become very weak and brittle.
If allowed to progress, those with the condition can suffer from serious breaks and fractures.
Prevention is sometimes possible and treatment is advised if the condition does appear.
Hrt Evista is one of the routes some women take to handle osteoporosis.
Evista is a prescription drug made by Lilly.
It is one of many Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators.
This is a class of drugs that is designed to prevent and treat osteoporosis.
It works by stopping bone thinning while helping to maintain bone mass.
As a result, the drug is helpful in preventing breaks and fractures.
This is key for both osteoporosis prevention and treatment.
While hrt Evista sometimes go together, Evista is not a form of hormone replacement therapy.
The medication is not a hormone and it is not estrogen.
There are some benefits with this drug over hormone replacement therapy, especially in regard to osteoporosis treatment and prevention.
In the past, physicians sometimes prescribed hormone replacement therapy to help prevent and/or treat osteoporosis.
While it can be very beneficial in helping with severe menopausal symptoms, it is no longer considered worth the risks involved for the treatment or prevention of osteoporosis alone.
Studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy, or hrt, increases the risks of certain forms of cancer.
When it is necessary for other symptomatic treatment, hrt can be beneficial.
For prevention and/or treatment of osteoporosis, other options such as Evista are more frequently recommended.
Evista is believed to be a safer option for osteoporosis treatment alone.
It is not thought to be linked with cancer, breast tenderness or vaginal bleeding.
Inasmuch, it is generally a better choice for those who require long-term medications in relation to osteoporosis.
While it is possible an hrt Evista combination might be prescribed, with hrt for short-term symptom treatment and Evista for osteoporosis treatment, the drug is often prescribed on its own.
While Evista is not generally thought to be linked to cancer, the medication does come with some precautions.
Evista is not considered safe for pregnant women and should not be taken prior to surgery.
Side effects can include such things as blood clots, sharp leg pains, swelling, chest pain and even vision changes.
These are considered some of the more serious side effects.
Evista also has some potential less serious side effects.
They include such things as muscle pain, leg cramps, weight gain, sweating, rashes and hot flashes.
If side effects are serious or are particularly troublesome, a doctor should be contacted immediately.
Women who are considering an hrt Evista combination are typically urged to go over medical history and all other prescriptions being taken with their physician.
Those who take it should avoid sitting for long periods of time and are usually advised to not take the medication if bed rest is required for any period of time.
While hrt Evista can be rather useful for menopausal symptom treatment and osteoporosis prevention, there are other suggestions for osteoporosis prevention that should likely be used as well.
Things such as dietary change, exercise, vitamins and supplements can go a long way toward helping prevent the condition.
They are also useful for helping with treatments.
In addition, avoiding heavy alcohol use and smoking are suggested by most osteoporosis experts.
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