How to Make Metal Jewelry Molds

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    • 1). Lay out three layers of newspaper and put on a respirator and a pair of neoprene gloves. Set a small plastic container on top of the paper and place your prototype jewelry piece inside it, with the detailed side facing up.

    • 2). Open your silicone mold kit and place the two bottles that come with it next to two separate cups. Label the cups A and B. These two bottles contain liquid silicone and its catalyst. When mixed together, they chemically react to form silicone rubber.

    • 3). Pour liquid from the bottles into the two separate cups, with the silicone in one and the catalyst in the other. Many silicone kits use a 1:1 ratio, meaning that you should pour equal measures of each. However, some silicones use different ratios, so you should check your kit's instructions to be sure. Pour enough liquid to potentially cover your prototype in an inch of silicone.

    • 4). Pour the contents of both mixing cups together into a third cup and mix them together for one full minute with a Popsicle stick.

    • 5). Pour the mixture into your plastic container. Make sure that it completely covers your jewelry piece in at least an inch of liquid.

    • 6). Wait for the rubber to harden. Different brands harden at different rates, so check your kit's instructions for an accurate estimate. It will be anywhere between several hours to a full day.

    • 7). Turn the container upside down once the rubber has hardened and tap on the back of it to loosen your mold. Remove your mold and your prototype. You now have a mold that you can use with your metal clay.

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