How Should You Choose Your First Downhill Bike? The Info That the Experts Do Not Want You to Know

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Downhill biking is all about speed, thrill, adventure, Adrenaline and control.
Those who are new to his sport or would love to join this thrill seekers extreme high should know a few thing before hand when you have finally decided to go for a downhill bike.
oBike Types There are several different types of bikes available in the market, but all are not suitable for this purpose for the following reasons 1.
All bikes cannot take the rigorous punishment which a bike is liable to get in this sport.
Most bikes have a center of gravity closer to the front of the frame and a bit higher than required in this event.
Whereas it is required to be as low as possible and more to the rear so that it does not topple on the steep slopes, which results in severe injuries to the rider.
A road bike or a performance hybrid will never serve the purpose as they do not have suspension to make the trail in single piece.
A hard tail which is the bike with front suspension will not meet your requirements as they too do not have the required balance to let the rider stay on top for a long time.
For this purpose the most ideal is a full suspension bike which can cater for steep hill negotiation with ease, balance and grace.
oWhat Makes Full Suspension Ideal for This The answer is simply the fact that they are built for this kill.
All downhill bike are required to have full suspension, as you start to descend, you rear shocks start to settle had shift the maximum weight more towards the back thereby shifting the center of gravity towards the rear this prevents toppling of the bike and make this ride safe.
But only when done properly.
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