Easy Paper Christmas Crafts for Children

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      Kids of all ages love to make paper crafts. Christmastime can be a time for kids to make crafts to give away as gifts or display on mantels. Many creative projects can be made using simple household items and without the help of parents. Ensure that kids have lots of multicolored construction paper to create their projects. Many crafts can take only a few minutes to make.


    • This project is great for young kids and is simple to make. The child can use a brown paper bag or brown construction paper to make cutouts that will create a reindeer. The child should trace the outline of one shoe and then cut it out. This will be the reindeer’s head. Next the child should trace an outline of both hands and cut them out. Glue one hand outline on each side of the top of the shoe outline to create the reindeer’s antlers. The child may draw eyes and a nose on the head or a circular piece of red construction paper can be used for the nose.

    Gift bag

    • This project will give kids an opportunity to get creative. It requires an empty brown paper bag, and it can be decorated and loaded with goodies. Letters can be glued to the bag that spell out words, such as “joy”, “peace” or “Christmas.” The parent can draw bubble letter outlines for the child to cut out and paste on the bag. Glitter or sequins can be added to decorate it. The child can draw star shapes using different colors of construction paper. The shapes can be cut out and pasted onto the bag. Felt craft wires can even be used to make handles for the bag. Bend the wire and attach to the bag using a stapler.

    Christmas Tree

    • The Christmas tree craft is simple and can be put on display in the home or kids can place it on top of the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be made using a paper roll, such as an old tissue roll or a paper towel roll cut in half. Green construction paper, glue and scissors are also needed. The first step in making the tree is to cover the roll in brown paper, this will result be the tree’s trunk. Next, make five cones shapes by using sheets of green 8 x11 size construction paper. Trim each sheet a little around the edges so that you have five different sizes to make the cones. Roll each sheet into the shape of a cone and tape it closed. Use scissors to cut 1-inch slits all around the bottom of each green cone. The child must then curl the edges of the slits using a pencil or a finger. The largest cone should be placed on the top of the brown tube, then the next largest cone on top of it, repeating this process until all the cones have been placed one on top of the other. The smallest cone should be on top. The cones should be glued together, and the child can decorate the tree with sequins to illustrate ornaments on the tree.

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