Nikon D3100 Review - What Do You Get For Your Money?

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It seems that Nikon doesn't like to wait for competitors to take on the lead so that is why they are always releasing cameras that are of the highest possible quality and on top of that, are also available at very affordable prices for what they can do. And in this Nikon D3100 review we will talk about one of the most interesting cameras from Nikon and if it's a good choice for you or not.

First of all the camera is marketed as a middle-low DSLR device and the price that it comes at is also very affordable. With the launch of this new DSLR Nikon has announced that it's actually the Nikon D3000 successor, which was a very good camera that actually closed the gap between the Japanese manufacturer and Canon. In the following minutes while taking the time to read this Nikon D3100 review, you will find out whether it is a good choice to buy this camera or not.

What went well?
1. Even if you will use the ISO 800 setting, you will still be able to get amazing stills with this camera. Should you want to get the ISO level at 3200, then your photos will look outstanding. There is no over saturation that you will need to deal with from now on and the color reproduction is also spectacular

2. Picture sharpness wasn't that top notch with the D3000 model, but still quality was overall impressive. The lens kit this model comes with is the 18 - 55 millimeters VR, but as a professional photographer, you might want to go with the twenty eight - three hundred millimeters kit. That way, you will get a picture sharpness that will be lifelike. But rest assured, if you are not a professional photographer, then you will find that the standard lens kit will be enough for you.

3. Passionate about video recording? This camera excels at it! With the capability of filming in full HD at twenty four and thirty frames per second you will find that your videos look amazing. On top of that, you will also be able to edit your videos within the camera, like having certain scenes deleted, having particular frames saved up and so on.

What needs to be improved?
1. The viewfinder is rather small and some users will find this to be a problem. Yet the good news is that the users will not have any trouble with carrying it around. The viewfinder size doesn't have a massive impact and people will in the end use it, but it's necessary to mention it.

2. There is some slow performance that some users will be turned off by, as the shooting time and power on time stack between zero point four and zero point six seconds, depending on how the light conditions stack up. So, for taking JPEG format pictures, the shot to shot timing is between zero point six and zero point nine seconds. This can only be a minor distraction for professional photographers, but for amateurs, it will be no problem.

Who needs it the most?
1. Amateur photographers
2. Hobbyists
3. Those wanting a best "bang for the buck" DSLR camera

As this Nikon D3100 review states, the Nikon D3100 is not a perfect camera, but it's still very good for the price that's advertised and sold for. So those who might find that they are limited by their budget or just find this camera good for their needs, it will not disappoint them.
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