The Ways Of GOD Are Superior To The Acts Of GOD

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"He made known His ways unto Moses, and His acts unto the children of Isreal" - Psalm 103: 7. Although Moses had alot of access to the ways of GOD, the children of Isreal had access only to the acts of GOD. It's very clear that there was a big difference in the level of relationships existing between GOD and either side. The ways of GOD are superior to the acts of GOD! The ways of GOD can also be called the principles or laws of GOD, i.e. the pattern in which He made creation to work in a balanced, truthful and awesome manner. If you abide by His principles, then you can have access to His power and become a commander of His acts. At that stage, you'll normally be able to bring great and miraculous deeds into existence. When you understand His principles and stand by them, you must radiate His power.

It's very clear to see that most people are far away from the ways of GOD, and thats why they are only able to ride on His acts. Don't expect GOD's principles to work wonders for you in one area when you violate them in another area, or in other areas. For example, it doesn't matter how much of the principles of faith you operate by, if you violate the principles of righteousness, truthfulness and respect for your fellow man, your faith will never produce strong results. Irrespective of the faith on ground (i.e. your faith or that of someone spiritually higher than you), if sin is also on ground, expectation will be frustrated. This is the mystery behind so many unanswered prayers! The second example is in the area of financial prosperity. If the principle of seed time and harvest time is in place (i.e. you are a good giver but the principle of diligence is not in place - you are a slothful worker), the prosperity you desire can still elude you. In order fo these scenes not to occur, get acquainted wit GOD's laws or principles so you can have a smooth ride on His ways as you watch the multitude stare at the acts.

For everything to be put into proper balance, what should be done? Lets check out the following: (i) Be open to GOD. Ask Him to search you and find out if there are any of His principles you are violtating. If you are sincere and eager, you'll be answered. (ii) Ask Him to give you grace to overcome the hurdles confronting you in the areas where you're lagging behind. His grace will give you ease! (iii) Always seek His face, not His hands. Pursue His ways rather than His acts, and you will see more of His acts than you ever thought possible.
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