Why I Dig Digital

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The first step I share with all my clients to organize their photos is to gather all your boxes, drawers of negatives, CDs, and old dilapidated albums full of photos and memorabilia from all over your house.
Your attic and your basement are the worst place to store photos because of the heat and dampness.
Photos need moderate humidity and no direct sunlight to preserve them in the best possible condition.
Your living room bookshelves are a good spot-where you'll most likely look at your albums the most.
Designate a work spot.
This could be a closet with a tv tray and a chair, your dining room table or a corner of your family room.
Just claim a space and set aside time every week to work on getting your photos in order.
Consider throwing a sheet over the dining room table or the desk in a corner of your room when your not working on your photos.
Or you may want to leave it wide open as a friendly reminder to get it done.
Rescue photos from harmful albums.
To pry old photos out of magnetic albums or others with PVC, a chemical that destroys photos, use dental floss to shimmy behind the photos.
Pitch blurry and duddy photos.
If it doesn't bring back the moment, throw it away.
This will cut your piles of pictures drastically.
I save most pictures of my dad because I can't retake them, but blurry ones that don't represent him or the moment well, I am okay throwing away.
Take photos of large, lumpy memorabilia-stuff that won't fit into an album.
Every summer, I take pictures of my children with all their school projects and artwork that won't fit into albums.
I frame some artwork and preserve whatever fits into albums.
The rest we put in a special box for them or throw it away once we have a photo.
Scan or copy newspaper articles.
Newsprint will disintegrate over time because of the high lignin content found in the wood pulp that it's made with.
Do not laminate newspaper articles or any other memorabilia as this speeds up deterioration.
Finally, sort into categories that make sense to you-Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Vacations, Pets, Holidays, Sports.
While sorting, do not label using a ball point pen which will indent and damage your photos.
Also, avoid using post-it notes because the adhesive backing is harmful to photos.
Use a photo labeling pencil.
Okay, with all those steps, you can guess why I dig digital! It eliminates all the steps.
You can download all your photos to your computer, organize, label, crop and enhance photos, then layout albums and print from your computer.
You may have worked with the software already on your computer or whatever came with your camera.
You will be amazed at how this new technology will make you a better photographer and keep your photos more organized and accessible, so you can enjoy them.
Because no one takes pictures thinking I'll shove this in a box or drawer somewhere in my house or lose it among endless files on my computer.
Now you can do something really great with your photos like you always planned.
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