State of Ohio Car Insurance Law

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    Minimum Insurance

    • Individuals in Ohio are required by law to have a minimum amount of liability and property damage insurance coverage on an automobile insurance policy. The minimum amount of liability for bodily injury or death is $12,500 per person and $25,000 for two or more people that are involved in one accident. The minimum amount of coverage for property damage caused in an accident is $7,500.


    • Ohio residents have options when it comes to the state's financial responsibility law. One option is to obtain an automobile insurance policy and keep the insurance card in the vehicle. Another option is to obtain a surety bond from an insurer in the amount of $30,000. Residents can also obtain a certificate of self-insurance that is issued from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

    Documentation Proof

    • Individuals in Ohio are required to provide proof of financial responsibility when asked by law enforcement or the court. Proof of financial responsibility can be shown by providing a copy of the declaration page of the automobile policy. Proof can also be shown by providing the appropriate form, having a liability bond, a binder for insurance from an insurance company and a financial responsibility identification card.


    • Residents that fail to provide proof of financial responsibility can face a variety of penalties. Penalties can include losing driving privileges for 90 days up to two years as well as a suspension of the license plate and vehicle registration. Penalties can also include paying a license plate reinstatement fee ranging from $125 for the first offense up to $500 for a third offense. An individual's vehicle and plates can be confiscated or immobilized for 30 to 60 days.

    Random Verification

    • The financial responsibility law in Ohio requires an individual to provide proof when being randomly selected. The state routinely mails letters to 5 percent of state residents who have their vehicle registration on file. There are up to 5,400 letters mailed per week or 280,000 letters that are mailed each year. Individuals that receive verification of responsibility letter have 21 days to submit proof to the state.

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