How to Install Anti-Seize on an AR Flash Hider

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    • 1). Remove the magazine and pull back on the charging handle. Visually inspect the chamber and confirm that the weapon is not loaded. Release the handle and depress the bolt catch lever. This will return the bolt to its original position and allow you to disassemble it.

    • 2). Push in the takedown pin near the left rear of the receiver and pull it out from the right side. Pivot the upper receiver away from the lower. Push in the pivot pin near the left front of the receiver; pull it out from the right side and remove the upper receiver from the lower.

    • 3). Place the upper receiver in the vise block, then close it. Place the block inside the vise and tighten it. Place the hand towel over the flash hider and loosen the flash hider with the wrench. Do not put the receiver in the vise without a vise block.

    • 4). Unscrew the flash hider with your fingers. Remove the flash hider and the crush washer. Dip the brush in the anti-seize compound and apply a light coat to the threads.

    • 5). Replace the washer and flash hider. Remember to use the hand towel when tightening the flash hider.

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