Direct Mail Success Starts With Quality Mailing List Data

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Before you invest another cent into your direct mail marketing campaign, do your homework and be sure you've created the most optimum mailing list.
The goal with developing a successful direct mail campaign is in the creation of a targeted mailing list.
This starts with looking at your existing best customers and looking for patterns of why they've chosen you over your competitors.
Is it because you're the lowest priced provider in the community? Or is it because there's simply no other choice in the area? Why is it that they've chosen you and what are the things that made these customers find you.
Ideally, you will want to consider only those people who've found you from one of your previous direct mail promotions.
But if this is your first direct mail campaign, consider which clients you are your 'best' customers, i.
, those who purchase often, in large quantity, and pay their bills on time.
Sometimes it's easier to describe what those clients don't "look like" than what you they all have in common.
Either approach is a start.
Next, consider any elements of information that describe your "best" customer in terms of "mailing list" filters, i.
, their age and income, if they own a home, and if they have children.
Also consider your market territory.
What are your current customers traveling from to find you and your business? Where are they in relation to your competition.
Consider all these variables to determine the most optimum target "foot print" market.
Once you've determined what they look like and what their geographic market is located, you're now ready to widdle down the list as much as possible.
Remember, it's not "he who mails most", but, "he who mails best".
Instead of mailing age 35 or greater, stop the age range at...
This quantity may not represent very much but every little bit helps.
Also consider versioning your direct mail piece message by offering something that's relevant to your audience.
The more relevant your direct mail message, the more likely you'll increase your chances for success.
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