The Advancing Technology In Led Grow Light

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LED grow light is a light emitting diode bulb which is mostly used for the artificial growth of plants in laboratories, indoor gardens and even farms of food and crops. The new and advanced lights are less costly, bright and long lasting, which give out only the wavelengths of the amount of light needed by the plant.

LED grow light is highly useful for the growth of plants before time or when they are not able to get enough light and warmth from natural sources. This light gives consume less electricity and so give out lesser heat as compared to other lights, so they are more suitable for indoor plants growth. They are placed close to the plants because of their lesser production of heat, and the plants also take more time than under other lights.

These light are available in three colors; blue, red and orange, but all these different color light are used for different kinds of plants. The blue light is used for the growth of vegetables because it gives fewer wavelengths, while the red light is used for growing flowers and fruits because it emits larger amounts of wavelengths. The orange light is usually used in combination with the blue and red lights to suit the capacity of varying plants and flowers because it gives out normal frequency of wavelengths to produce a great combination of light energy for the growth of different types of plants.

Earlier LED grow lights were not as strong or bright as to be used for any kind of experiment because the fewer wavelengths caused the growth of the plants to delay making the experiment longer and useless. But now new technology and advancement has made the LED stronger and reliable for indoor usage and experiments. The color of the lights have also increased from 3 to many, like now light, green, yellow and many more colors are available in these lights, which produce different wavelengths for different uses without having to make combinations.

The LED grow light is a substitute for sunlight because it also it gives out a scale and range of light which helps in photosynthesis of the plants. Just like the sunlight is important for plants and flowers, these light are highly effective for indoor plant growth. Apart from scientists, even gardeners can make use of these lights to make a garden inside the home but he should be aware of the color of the light needed for the plants. If used appropriately, these grow lights are helpful in creating a whole new world of artificially grown plants and flowers, even in a place where sunlight cannot reach.

Sunlight has a high temperature of about 600K and is a little bluish in color, so for vegetables especially, blue light are mostly used for the proper growth, while for other plants and flowers, other light colors are used as per their capacity to absorb wavelengths for their normal development. Similarly, every crop and vegetation uses a different light for their growth.

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