Planning Successful Family Reunions

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Summer seems to be the peak time of year for family reunions. And while many families have reunions, certainly not everyone agrees that they are a good experience. But perhaps the person who dreads the reunion most of all is the one who has to plan it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are the head honcho of this year's reunion, don't despair. Think of the reunion planning task as running a marathon: you have to do some excellent training and preparation, you have to show up ready, you have to actually run the race, and then you have to cool down and debrief the experience to make it easier for you the next time, or well enough organized to hand off to the next reunion organizer.

The voice of experience suggests that there are a number of important principles that, if followed, will significantly increase the likelihood of success, and hopefully decrease the risk of ulcers, stroke or depression!

The First Steps in Preparing for a Family Reunion
Wondering where to start when you are in charge of planning a family reunion? These first steps in planning a family reunion will help you find out what will work best and make your family reunion an amazing experience for all.

Creating Your Family Reunion Budget, Activities and Recruiting Strategies
Now that you have the basic outline of the family reunion in place, you need to create a budget for the family reunion, an activity plan and a way to recruit volunteers. Learn how to calculate the budget, come up with great activities and assign volunteers to help with the family reunion.

Making Your Family Reunion Great
With your well crafted family reunion plans in place, it is time to pull off the big event. Learn what you need to do during and after the family reunion to make it a memorable and fun experience for all.
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