Creative Writing Tips - 7 Ways To Generate A Gushing Flow Of Creative Writing Ideas

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If you don't feel you have any good ideas, you simply won't be able to write anywhere close to your full potential.
Here to help you get started are 7 top ways to have a constant flow of creative writing ideas: 1.
Use an Ideas Journal.
This is the fundamental technique you need in place to have a lasting flow of ideas.
An Ideas Journal is just a portable notebook you keep with you wherever you go, and capture your ideas as they happen.
Instead of having ideas then forgetting them moments later, you write them down, ready to be developed whenever you need them.
Welcome ideas with open arms.
When you have a new idea, do you instantly pick it apart and dismiss it as not being good enough, clever enough or original enough? What kind of message does this send to the source of your ideas? "Don't bother showing up because you'll only be insulted and sent away again"! Instead, welcome each idea with open arms, and write it in your journal.
You never know which ideas will develop into the greatest creative writing of your life.
Encourage your creativity to work harder.
Against what seems logical, you actually become more creative when you impose a few limitations.
Rather than saying "I want to write a story", if you say "I want to write a story about young lovers who met during in Venice in 1955.
" Instantly, your creative mind is given a challenge and begins to come up with associated ideas, rather than being overwhelmed with a completely blank page.
Relax your definition of an idea.
Often we expect a new idea to come fully formed and pre-packaged, a complete creative project in a box solution! With such unrealistic expectations, you're setting yourself up for constant disappointment.
Instead, see ideas as what they are - a spark or starting point from which you can set off on a new creative writing adventure.
Then they'll come to you far more often, and you'll accept them more readily.
Experiment with new writing styles.
Try some new writing techniques or styles, without any expectation of what "end product" you'll come up with.
Simple focus on enjoying new ways of writing, and being aware of what kind of new ideas these experiments generate.
The more you try, the wider the range of writing ideas will come to you to use in all of your other writing.
Divide and multiply existing ideas.
Once you have even a handful of ideas, you can generate dozens more from these.
Either divide an idea into smaller parts and ask how you could develop each part in a number of different ways.
Or put two ideas together and look at all the possible "children" these parent ideas could give birth to.
Ask "How could this inspire my creative writing"?
Wherever you go on your daily travels, have this question at the forefront of your mind - "How could this inspire my creative writing?".
Apply it to situations, physical surroundings, people, everything you come across.
As soon as you begin to ask, you'll be amazed at how your creativity provides you with answers.
Jot them down, before you forget them! You can pick any one of these tips to generate more creative writing ideas from today.
Which one are you going to try first?
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