Get My Ex Boyfriend Back | Expert Explains How

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You loved him. You loved him like you had never loved anyone before. And you know that never again will you fall in love with someone this way. He was special. You wanted to spend your life with him.

You wanted to live your dreams with him. You wanted to fall into his arms every now and then and hold his hands whenever you felt lonely. And without even realizing, you lose it all! Without comprehending what you are doing, you broke up with him in a fit of anger. And now there is just one question that rings in your ears from morn till night WHY???

You are beset with gloom and you have pleaded to god a thousand times, saying please get my ex boy friend back! If God has not yet answered your prayer, you can take the assistance of this expert advice that tells you exactly how you can get your ex bf back! If you had a breakup recently, then the first thing you should do is do nothing at all.

The first few days after breakup are the most dangerous ones. Driven by emotion, you tend to take all the wrong steps and mess things up as well as make a fool of yourself! So, for the first few days, just wait see what happens. Your boyfriend might be going through the same emotional upheavals and might initiate the reunion! If he comes back, he is all yours and there is nothing better that could have happened!

However, if it has been a long time since you had your breakup and there has been no response from him, it is better that you start working on it. Try to initiate simple friendly conversations with him whenever you get the chance. But never start lecturing him on the breakup or start nagging about the reunion!

Try some simple emotional tricks. For example, if you watch his favorite movie once again which the two of you had watched together, leave him a short mail or text him a message. These will remind him of the days he spent with you and most importantly, the days in which he was happy with you!

A few of these reminders are likely to bring him back very soon if he is an emotionally intense person and is still in love with you. If he is not an emotional, sentimental person, the reminders might not bring him back instantly, but is sure to give you a chance to initiate conversations.

You can use these conversations to thaw the ice and once the ice has melted completely, you can talk things out with him. After all the subtle emotional provocations when you finally tell him (tactfully) that you miss him and cant live without him, nothing under the sun can stop you from winning him back!
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