How to Be a Scary Nun for Halloween

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    • 1). Paint your face to look super spooky. This could be just using white and black paints to create a skeleton look with black eyes and a black nose, or a zombie look using green, red and purple paints to look like an undead nun. Alternately, pull on a scary mask to change your costume's mood.

    • 2). Dye the white parts of your costume a deep, gruesome red. Take the white collar and headpiece from your costume and follow the directions on a box of red fabric dye. Adding red to a nun costume will up the surprise and scare factor a bit.

    • 3). Add some scary accessories. A classic knife in the chest, arrow through the head or fake gashes along the neck are all scary examples. Check out the costume shop for elements of creepiness that you can add on to your existing nun look.

    • 4). Grab a prop. A hatchet, bloody knife, noose or other horrifying weapon will work. Dribble fake blood all over your nun costume, your skin and the weapon to look like you are a nun that has been on a bloody killing rampage.

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