Writing a Will is a Smart Idea

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For a lot of people talking about the possibility of one's death seems like an impossible task.
Many people just won't do this, and if you are one of the few, you will get strange looks from people who will ask if you are okay.
Even today, with people who are liberal and open-minded, death is still a taboo in many societies.
Yet when one thinks about it, death is a natural part of life that should be talked about freely and openly.
Perhaps one of the reasons why people end up suffering and grieving so much upon a loved one's death is the lack of communication and understanding about death in general, as well as with their loved one.
Writing a will is one way to address this problem.
When one dies, everyone becomes confused and pressured to distribute the person's property and special possessions.
Naturally it is a waste to throw away and donate everything, so these items should be passed on to someone else.
Wouldn't you want to be assured that the things you worked so hard for will be in the proper hands? Leaving your things without direction will often lead to problems and will bring out the bad side of people, so writing a will actually keeps things simple.
Imagine having a precious stamp collection that is worth thousands of dollars, and having it end up with someone who has no idea about a stamp's value, much less a rare one.
All that hard work you did will be put to waste if you do not create a will.
When writing a will, make sure you place your full name and the place where you reside.
List all of the things you own (your assets), the name of your beneficiaries (family and friends), alternate beneficiaries in case the person dies ahead of you, gifts and debts that you would want to cancel, and the name of the would-be guardian of your children (if you have any).
This will be signed by you and a witness.
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