How to Build a Relationship for Success

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The prerequisite of a relationship is that space be made available for it.
A relationship is dependent on the amount and priority of the space provided for it.
Space can only be provided by the one who owns it.
We cannot provide someone else's space.
Violence is the term that we use to describe the phenomena of one person attempting to usurp/enter another person's space without the consent of the person who owns it.
Each person owns as much space around him/her as they choose to manage.
There will never be a shortage of space as a result of 1 having too much.
The space that we manage has a direct effect on the quality of our life.
If we believe that in giving or lending we will end up with less, this is simply not true.
When we share or lend our space to others we open the door for them to share and lend their space to us.
It is when we force our intent on others is when violence verbally, physically, or emotionally occurs.
The following process will in fact result in any given person being able to establish the relationship which is the one that they want with the type of person/thing that they want.
Step One: Write down all of the particulars regarding the relationship that you desire.
Do not leave out anything that has any significance.
Do not leave out any area that is important to you.
The more detailed you can be the more you will likely gain from the relationship.
This step must be essentially completed before proceeding to step two.
Step Two: Write down all of the particulars that would describe the person or thing that you wish to share this relationship with.
Be specific and detailed.
Do not leave out anything that has any significance.
When step One and Two are completed you now need to go into marketing mode.
This basically is looking for that which fulfills the description which is developed in Step Two.
If that which you wish to have the relationship with is inanimate the acquisition will usually be from another human being.
If it is a person who is going to share this relationship that you desired.
That person would then have a chance to check his/her own requirements and determine whether or not the expectations are in line.
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