Games Played on a Flight Simulator

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How do you define Flight Simulator Games? Well, if you would like the thrill of piloting an Airbus A380, or a Boeing 747, or how about a World War Two Spitfire, or, the latest Military Combat Jet - in your own home - then you should download the latest Flight Simulator Software because this game's for you.
Games are basically played in a three dimensional world where you are the pilot, you are given a plane and your mission is to fly to various parts of the world, generally to deliver or pick something up and land and take off at different airports.
On the way you will face certain difficulties such as technical difficulties or changing weather and of course it is your duty to overcome these problems and land safely.
Now, that is called the Flight Simulator game, but with a flight simulator you can just play on your own if you want to.
You can organize what plane you want to fly, then choose a location you want to go to, you can then check out up to date charts and once you've developed the skills of taking off, away you go.
You can then programme in changeable weather to test your skills in all sorts of flying conditions.
Here you will be amazed at the accuracy of the cockpit and controls.
They are so much like the real thing.
You can pilot the plane straight from your keyboard but most enthusiasts quickly abandon that to purchase a joystick, or, yoke as its known in the simulation world.
The joystick will by far offer you the best flying experience and they are available online or at stores very cheaply.
Games are played in real time, meaning that if you are flying in a cloudy area, that cloudy area will display itself to you from outside the cockpit at exactly that time.
You can also choose which dimension you want to as far as setting up where you want to be.
For example, if you want to be inside the cockpit, you will see the cockpit and location in three dimensions just as a real pilot will see it, or, you can choose to be outside the plane, whereby you will see an image of the plane, just like you were escorting it.
The amazing thing too is that you can learn to fly in your own local area, even fly over your own house and take off and land at your local airport.
There is a lot of training to be learnt on a flight simulator, not just the practical side of learning to fly, but, also you will learn how to read charts, weather maps and complete navigation as well.
In fact, if you were to actually learn to fly and go along to your local flying lesson, the first thing that you will most likely be directed to will be a flight simulator to get your training basics.
So if you've always loved the idea of learning to fly how about having a look at some games right now.
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