The Best Alcohol Rehab Center in Philadelphia

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Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol consumption is legal unlike drugs and many people are into the habit. Drinking at moderate levels is not harmful. But when your system becomes dependent on alcohol, it is high time, you opt for external help. Quite a few rehab centers operate to deal with this issue. Various addiction treatment programs are conducted by rehabs to eliminate alcohol cravings from the body.

What is an alcohol rehab center?  

Alcohol abuse is best dealt in rehabs. It often seems to be difficult to get rid of alcohol addictions by yourself. With specialized treatment methods, rehabs make the job easier. An alcohol rehab center is a house where people suffering from addictions are kept together. They are under strict supervisions and guidance of doctors and experts. With strict surveillance, patients are bound to abide by the treatment rules and refrain from consuming alcohol.

No two rehabs are similar in terms of the rules and regulations followed. Each comes with a separate set of treatment techniques to deal addiction cases of different intensities. These institutions are more or less like schools. Regular sessions are given to patients to drill the ill effects of addiction into their minds. The duration of a patient's stay in a rehab is determined by the intensity of addiction, he or she is suffering from. It varies from a few days to a month and even more for serious patients. The longer a patient stays in a rehab, the better are the chances of his recovery.

Alcohol addiction is considered as a disease by medical science. Medical component is included in the treatment process. It starts with detoxification.

Why should you go to a rehab?

People consider going to rehabs as the last option. Only after suffering from severe consequences, this option is taken into account. No matter how much an addict tries to abstain from consuming alcohol, he may end up drinking at some point. It is extremely difficult to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms in the initial few days. Here comes the importance of a rehabilitation center. A patient stays away from alcohol successfully in a rehab, owing to rigorous surveillance.  


Treatments carried out by rehab centers are of various types. Day treatment, alternatively known as outpatient care, includes patients undergoing recovery sessions for 3 to 4 hours daily. The patient can come back home at night. This continues for 5 days a week. Detoxification, which is the first step to treat addiction, is completed within 7 to 10 days. In case of synthetic opiate drug addiction, detoxification takes more time.

Out-patient aftercare takes place weekly. These go on for months aiming at reducing the chances of addiction relapse. In addition, rehabs provide regular counseling, behavioral therapy and sessions on the ill-effects of alcohol and substance abuse.

‘Sober living homes' are missionary institutions in which patients stay, attend classes during the day and pay a rent at the end of a month or week. These homes have 12-step recovery programs. Residents have to live in a strictly alcohol free atmosphere here.
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