Seasonal Styling: Creating a Cosy Winter Bathroom

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So the clocks have finally changed, meaning that once again we have reached the time of year when the majority of us will be leaving the house each morning and returning when it's dark outside. At this point, what we all want is a cosy, comforting home that where we can escape from the elements and relax and unwind during the colder months.

Creating an inviting and cosy bathroom may sound like a project that requires a complete overhaul of your current set-up, but it's a transition that can be achieved without great expense or a huge time commitment, after all, the fixtures and fittings you require are all just a few muse clicks away these days, and high quality bathroom products have never been so affordable before.

Natural materials and finishes are a great way to make your bathroom seem a warmer and more inviting space. As bathroom furniture has once again become hugely popular, after prolonged period sparse and somewhat sterile minimalism being the dominant trend in bathroom design, natural wooden furniture can lend your bathroom a luxurious warmth and tactile appeal that has been lacking in the all-white bathrooms of recent years.

Introducing some furniture to your bathroom will allow you to keep all of your toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning supplies neatly out sight, resulting in a less cluttered, calmer bathroom in which it is easier to relax. When all those multi-coloured and mismatched bottles and packages are left on display, they can detract from the aesthetic you are trying to create.

Natural stone tiles are another great way to create a cosy and inviting environment. Natural tiles are particularly dense, so they are ideal for bathroom use, whether you are creating smaller splash zones behind your basin, or tiling an entire wet room area. As each tile is subtly different, with its own individual grain and pattern, not only will your bathroom seem warmer, but will be gaining a great deal more character and identity.

In so far as the actual heating of your bathroom is concerned, a recurrent problem in the winter months is frozen toes every time you walk in! Under floor heating was at one point the sole territory of those with exceptionally large budgets, but in recent years the price has decreased dramatically, while levels of efficiency have increased dramatically. The ambient temperature created by underfloor heating makes bathroom use a far more pleasurable experience, and even though the price of installation has decreased considerably, will still feel like a luxurious new addition.

A warm winter bathroom can be achieved quite simply, it just requires a little research and planning, so why not have a click around and start exploring your options? Good luck!
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