Dealing With Depression - Here Are Seven Ways to Stay on Track

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Many people find it very difficult when they are dealing with depression, Bipolar Disorder or any other mental illness to stay on track and to help themselves on the road to recovery so I have taken it upon myself to come with seven ways in which you can get back on track and get yourself started on the road to recovery.
So here is the seven ways to stay on track.
Do not be lazy, you may be without a job or your collecting disability.
You may lose your sense of direction when you have nothing to wake up for each morning.
So do not get lazy because your not working.
One thing you can do is make a to do list and follow it out each day.
Something that will help you get out of bed and accomplish that days goals.
Make Sure you stick to your treatment plan, see your doctor regularly and therapist, take your medicine, eat right, sleep right and exercise daily.
Try to make a Buddy System, it can be someone from a support group or someone who knows what you are going through and might be going through the same struggles as you.
You can talk to this person, do things together such as going to a see a movie or grabbing something to eat.
Try to be Independent, try to do things yourself and not depend on others to be there to wait on you hand and foot.
Believe me when you have some independence it makes you feel so much more confident and proud of yourself.
Give yourself a pat on the back once in awhile, commend yourself for something you may have accomplished or share it with someone you care about.
Doing this makes you feel so great and also more happier.
Don't ever give up always say you can get back up or get over whatever you maybe going through and you most certainly will.
Never say you can't get over something or that your life will never get better because it will you just have to have patience and take one day at a time.
Finally the last one is to always have confidence in your abilities and in yourself because you never know how far it can get you until you truly try to make the best of every precious moment you have on this earth.
Make sure to live each day to the fullest and never give up.
So those are the seven keys that can help you get back on track if your struggling with depression, Bipolar Disorder or any type of mental illness.
Be your own coach and you can definitely conquer your problems head on just keep faith and everything will surely work out for the best.
I know these seven keys are helpful when I have to deal with severe belts of depression and I certainly know that they can be helpful to anyone that deals with Depression, Bipolar Disorder or any other mental illness.
So take my advice never give up and always have faith that you can truly get back to the life you so much cherish! Once again stay active and stay safe!
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