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Robert Kirkman


Writer, Editor, Publisher

Claim To Fame:

Kirkman’s claims to fame are his hit series Invincible and The Walking Dead, published by Image Comics. His dedication to the comic book world and quality work ethic helped make him a partner at Image Comics in 2008. Robert Kirkman is credited with having the top selling black and white comic book with The Walking Dead, which has now been turned into a hit television series through AMC.

Interesting Fact:

Kirkman has stated that in a recent interview at G4 about surviving a zombie apocalypse that, “I’m overweight, I’m not very healthy, I’m gonna be very’s going to be a slow painful death for me.”

Contact Info:

Rober Kirkman –
The Walking Dead (TV) – AMC’s The Walking Dead
Twitter - #RobertKirkman
Facebook - Robert Kirkman on Facebook


Robert Kirkman came into the comic book scene with his creator owned property Battle Pope, a comic that he collaborated with long time childhood friend Tony Moore. The two had met in seventh grade and after they had graduated, Kirkman approached Moore with the idea for the comic book and the two created it and published it through their own newly formed company Funk-O-Tron. The comic book was published in 2000.

After a couple of other writing stints, Kirkman created Invincible for Image Comics in 2003 with artist Cory Walker and also launched The Walking Dead, again with Tony Moore. These two comic books quickly gained in popularity and cemented Kirkman in the world of comic books.

It should be noted that both original artists have since been replaced, reportedly for inability to meet deadlines, with Ryan Ottley on Invincible and Charlie Adlard on The Walking Dead.

The influence of Kirkman on the zombie genre has been astounding as a zombie comic had not been popular before The Walking Dead and since that time, countless others have followed. Marvel actually used Kirkman to launch their own zombie line with Marvel Zombies, which tells of an alternate Marvel Universe where the superheroes and villains have become the living dead and seek to last as long as they can on the flesh of the living. The series has gone on to see many different releases with no less than five main Marvel Zombies limited series runs.

Kirkman is a champion of the comic book industry and even cornered Image founder and partner Todd McFarlane at Comic-Con International at a Q&A panel. He asked McFarlane why he didn’t create comics anymore and McFarlane responded that, “…I do have some ideas, but I can only spread myself so thin.” At the time, McFarlane didn’t know that it was Kirkman addressing him and when he found then that it was Kirkman and after some bantering agreed to work on a comic with him which later became the comic series Haunt.

In 2008, Kirkman added another aspect to his role in the comic book industry by becoming a full-fledged partner at Image Comics with his Skybound imprint. Kirkman continues to find success in the comic book world out of it. The Walking Dead is a hit series on AMC and other of his comic books have been optioned for the screen as well.
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