How to build FREE traffic streams to your home based computer business

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One of the most important things for any business in order to survive is making sure that it has enough customers passing by and making purchases to be make it profitable. This is exactly the same for an online business as it is for a high street shop. You need people to be visiting your website and to do this, they first of all need to know that you exist. So how do you go about doing this on for your home based computer business, when you are competing with so many other businesses on the internet and it's much harder to gain a presence than on a local high street?

First of all, if you have done your research properly then you should have developed your business around specific keywords that you know have a high enough search rate, but also low enough competition. This should allow you a better chance of ranking on the search engines. This doesn't just happen over night though and so you also need to find alternative ways to drive people to your website to make sure that they are aware that you exist and what service or product you're providing. This can be done in a number of different ways.

On the internet, just as in the real world, you can write press releases and submit these via many dedicated directory websites online. These can be used to advertise your business and as press releases are carried on news sites, they also rank highly in the search engines, which is a great if you have done your keyword research properly. If you have written an SEO friendly keyword related press release then this will be a great way of gaining free traffic to your site. You can pay to submit these to multiple sites, but right now we are just concerned with free traffic systems until your business is making a profit and you have an advertising budget to invest.

Another similar way to using press releases to advertise your website, is that of article marketing. This works in much the same way, by choosing a keyword relevant topic to write about relating to your business area and then publishing this via article directories and site. These articles build your credibility as you are providing someone with a free resource for information relating to a topic they are searching for. Therefore, because of this, they are more likely to click on your links to find similar material, or sometimes just to say thank you. The body of the article should not contain links, but at the end, you should write a little about yourself as the author and this is where you can link to your site or service.

Another great free way to market online is videos. It has become so easy to make a video and post it online these days, especially with the explosion of sites such as YouTube. There are so many free video making tools available, even making them on your phone and directly uploading them to websites from there, that this has become an extremely powerful, simple and effective tool for marketers. Much like with a press releases or article, if you make a keyword related video and post it online, when people search the net for those words, they will come across your site and then link back to you

The final method that I would like to highlight is that of the blog. This is because you can use all of the above ways to advertise on a blog which makes it extremely effective and it also helps to build a relationship with the readers over time, giving you and your business credibility. All of the above mentioned techniques can be posted to a blog, for example, if you record a video and upload it to YouTube, why not embed it in your blog too and build a continuing advertising stream over time and exactly the same can be done with articles and press releases.

So there we have it, 4 great free advertising streams for your home based computer business that should have customers visiting your website in no time.
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