How to Germinate Corn Kernels

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    • 1). Check the soil temperature of the area where you plan on planting your corn by inserting a thermometer that has a metal probe into the soil. Plan on planting your corn when the soil maintains a temperature of at least 50 degrees F.

    • 2). Plant your seeds. Place corn seeds 4 inches apart. Planting depth should be around 1 inch. If planting in rows, separate each row by about 30 inches.

    • 3). Moisten the soil. Provide continually moist, but not soggy, soil until germination occurs. Depending on the soil temperature, germination may occur as soon as 2 to 3 days after planting or it may take up to a few weeks.

    • 4). Thin your corn seedlings to 1 plant every 12 inches once the corn plants are a few inches tall.

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