Control Your Mobile Spending More Effectively With Wireless Procurement Services From Teligistics

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Mobile device management is critical today in ensuring that your organization is receiving the right services at the right price. With proper wireless procurement, you can save your company money by controlling your mobile services expenses and ensuring that you have the specific contract that your company needs. Many companies however, do not possess the knowledge needed to properly secure a wireless contract that meets all of their needs. Teligistics can help your company by providing consulting services for telecom contracts. We can help you to choose the specific wireless services that meet your specific needs and procure those contracts for you.

A problem today with proper telecom services procurement is that many companies do not realize all of the individual services that are included in these contracts. Enterprise wireless, local and long distance services, internet, audio conferencing and many other services may be included in your contract. If you do not need one or several of these services then you are simply wasting money by paying for a contract that does not meet your specific needs. Since 1997, Teligistics has been helping organizations to secure the specific telecom contracts that best meet their company needs. We can help you to determine what specific services you use and which ones are simply costing you money.

We also allow you to enjoy proper telecom expense management through our web based platform called TEAM. TEAM or Telecom Expense & Asset Management is a completely online application that will give you total visibility into your telecom spends. This allows you to make changes where necessary and cut those areas that are costing you money. If you are not using a service then it simply makes no sense to continue to pay for that service. In addition, TEAM will help you to avoid disconnect notices and late fees and stop paying for errors in invoicing that could be costing you hundreds of dollars each year.

With a better look into your telecom expenses you can begin to get a much better idea of where you are spending and an idea of how you can cut costs related to your telecom expenses. TEAM gives you complete management of all of your telecom services including assets, inventory, costs, circuits, MACDs and contracts. This allows you to have better control over where your money is going and gives you the perfect platform to begin saving your company on unnecessary spending.
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