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How many times have you been at a networking function and been lost for words when asked "what do you do"? We all have.
But do you see this as a threat or an opportunity? Developing a Personal Branding Statement or PBS can be a powerful way to help market yourself to prospects, clients or potential employers.
Here are 8 characteristics of a strong personal brand: 1.
WOW factor.
It must be memorable with high recall.
Hearing it makes people say 'WOW that's interesting ..
tell me more'.
Be truthful, accentuate interesting or key parts of your role without fabricating the facts.
10 words or less.
The fewer words the more powerful it will be.
Often a strong summary will work for all networking functions.
However tailor your spiel for the conversation, people will be more interested in something they recognise.
Focus on benefits.
The statement should address the age old marketing question 'What's in it for me', known as the WIIFM.
It should reflect your values, beliefs and personal mission in life rather then just a profession.
Be passionate about what you do and relay this in your message.
Saying it should give the impression of confidence and energy.
Use it as a 'Teaser'.
Don't tell the whole story - think of the analogy of a newspaper, radio or TV headline encouraging the target audience to want to find out more.
The questions generated by your opening spiel should act to direct the explanation to the person's needs.
Let them identify areas they are interested in rather then covering it all.
Marketing is all about positioning - use it to position and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
Be flexible.
Slogans, brand names and themes change over time and in different situations.
Change it to fit your market, interests and career aspirations.
Know enough about what you do to be confident and flexible, uncertainty can portray distrust or other negative implications.
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