Metroid Other M Review

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Metroid: Other M is Nintendo's latest version under the fan favorite series with Samus Aran, first alien lady.
Metroid: other M features Tecmo's Team Ninja and the story continues from the events that took place in Super Metroid.
We spent some time in Nintendo's office to try the updated version.
Some of the new sections we tried were very impressive.
Metroid: Other M is constructed of chambers and rooms that function as battlefields.
Instead of melee skills Samus uses the middle-ranged attacks.
Story line: Samus Aran has traded her haunting past to lead a solitary life as a bounty hunter.
Samus tells her own story of failings in this game.
The section we played was in the Bottle Ship's first sector where Samus is investigating.
One part of the giant spacecraft acts as zoo and the other as ark having space critters of different sizes and environment tailored specifically for their needs.
In the beginning Samus is gathering the clues and guidance from Adam Malkovich, her former officer.
The lethal moves and special attacks of Samus work only at short range.
They are very effective than the charged shots and rapid fire.
You cannot see space troopers in this game.
Samus is all alone.
Everything looked different in the spacecraft.
It has glass-fronted rooms that are filled with strange plants and a group of dessgeegas.
It is very easy to destroy them.
Release a blast from the cannon immediately after leaping onto their backs.
There are several zones in this game and you can locate them on the map.
All these zones make up a circle.
Graphics and Sound: Transition between different perspectives is seamless and it seems that the system does not take a beating.
The game is played at a very high frame rate, rendering graphics is also great.
The 2D style is as good as the 3D style.
It is not so good to hear the human voice in a human like polygon based character.
Gameplay: You have to use a Wii remote to play this game.
For shooting, you have to point at the target and shoot.
You can also charge by holding the key and then releasing it.
For adventuring, have the remote sideways, you can discover new areas and then evade the enemy fire.
Metroid: Other M will definitely be a hit.
The centerpiece of Metroid: Other M demo is the tussle with space chameleons.
Eventually Samus finds herself in an observation room.
Vines always block the twisted interiors of Bottle ship.
Greenhouse grows out of control.
The pristine walkways are filled with plans and insects with bug-eyes hum in the darkness.
These bugs demonstrate the swapping routine, which is a unique perspective of Metroid: Other M.
Biodome of the Battle Ship has a shrubbery-laden belly.
Every element defies convention in Metroid: Other M.
Hovering pests can be killed by firing in the third person mode.
Samus' arm cannon are capable of aiming automatically at the enemy near the line of sight.
A HUD warp in the third person perspective is really interesting and overall Metroid: Other M will be the game of the year.
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