Things to consider while wheelchair conversions

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If your car is SUV you can easily convert it into wheelchair accessible car, but, does that all you need for wheelchair conversions? Probably not, you have to be very careful and specific about your needs and requirements. Simply, giving your car to any workshop and asking mechanic to convert it, might not be enough. This is due to the reason that there are too many conversion process and types of accessories which are installed to make it suitable for people with wheelchair. Here is what you should think about while going for wheelchair conversions.

  • Your SUV car can have entry from rear or side. It entirely depends on your choice. However, rear entry is preferred for only those physically challenge users who want to use it for travelling as a passenger. Side entry is preferred for people who want to drive with their side. Therefore before conversion, decide whether you want it to be driven by the disabled or just used as passenger.

  • To make smooth entry the floor of the car has to be lowered down, because disable user will be unable to enter with their wheelchair on if the floor is high. Lowering the floor down will also increased the space inside and the make the passenger comfortable.

  • Even if you lower down the floor you would need a wheelchair lift or a ramp to let user enter the car effortlessly. After all purpose of this car is to let disable feel the freedom by allowing them to travel independently. Lift can be rotary or platform, depending on your choice.

  • You may have to raise the roof of the car if its interior is not much airy. Since passenger will sit at the back of the car there must be enough room for comfortable journey so that they don't feel discomfort even in the long tour.

  • If the car has to be driven by the disabled then there will be too many wheelchair conversions that have to be made depending on the type of disability. First of all, driver's seat has to be raised or lowered to make it perfect for the user. Secondly, there has to be some mechanical changes, like all the foot operations should be shifted for hand operation, so that they can operate entire functionalities with their hands only.

You can install many other accessories as per your needs. But make sure that every conversion has to be made to make the use comfortable and to be use independently.

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