Resolutions - 7 Tips For Staying on Track

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With the new year already being two weeks old, now might be the time when those who have made resolutions are reviewing them.
Developing new plans is not too hard, however keeping the momentum going can be much more difficult.
So here are a few tips that may help you to stay on track.
* Make sure that you create an environment that helps you win.
If your resolution is to lose weight - make sure that your fridge and pantry reflect that.
Go shopping with a food plan so you do not impulse buy.
* Make sure that we are supporting ourselves.
Although we can enlist the support and help of family and friends - it is even more important to support ourselves.
If our internal dialogue is constantly telling us that we will fail, no amount of external support will change that.
Change must come from within.
* Recommit to your plans on a daily basis.
Often we think that we only have to make a goal once.
While this might be true, we do need to commit to those goals every day.
Re-write them every morning and re-commit to them on a daily basis.
By doing this we have started the day with the intent of staying on track.
* We can only control ourselves.
We cannot exert control over any other person or situation.
We can only control our thoughts, speech, behavior and emotions.
That which we seek to control will ultimately be in control of us.
* We are not perfect.
There will be days when we do not achieve that which we seek.
Accepting that we are not perfect is an act of love.
Using that as an excuse to not keep following that which we have committed to is not.
* Catch yourself doing things right.
We are often quick to criticize ourselves when we do things 'wrong'.
How different would our lives be if we caught ourselves doing things right.
Practice today accepting when we do not do things right and praising ourselves when we do.
What a difference this will make to our outlook.
* Pretend that you have already achieved your goal.
Children are great at pretending.
Often as we get caught up in the responsibilities of adulthood we forget this very vital skill.
Pretend that you are already the person you want to become.
How would you act? What would you do? How would you dress? How would you speak? This one act alone will show you how you sabotage yourself.
An example might be if you state that a better job is one of your goals, what actions might support that? How do those who get better jobs act before the job comes along? Do they read job ads, apply for positions, or do they just wait and hope for a promotion? Pretend and see what happens.
I hope these few tips can help you stay on track with your resolutions.
You might also want to read my blog about daily resolutions here - http://inarhythm.
Have a great day.
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