Are Natural Disasters A Sign Of The Apocalypse?

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It is really difficult for most of the people to plan and strategize in terms of mitigating the damages that have been caused due to natural disasters. People feel the need to understand such planning only after they experience it. But soon again, they forget about it. For example, when the Hurricane Katrina took hundreds of lives, just after that people felt the need to show interest in different techniques, strategies and technologies to aid the victims of floods and hurricanes. These techniques involve the ability to build seawalls, and to extenuate the troubles that may occur as a result of the diseases that are sure to spread after the flood.

Such massive natural disasters bring the fear of Apocalypse together most of the time. Apocalypse is the disclosure that is hidden from most of the human beings in the era which was dominated by nothing but misconception and falsification like the veil to be lifted. This term also refers to the utmost final battle of the eschatology, and the Armageddon. This states that the world will end at some day. Such predictions and perceptions can be connected to the phrase "revelation at the end of the age" in a better way. According to Christian belief, The Apocalypse of John is actually the Book of Revelation. It is believed that it is the last part of the bible.

This book is also related to natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons, viruses, plagues and other forms of man made things. The past history holds various natural disasters like meteor fragments, asteroids, and comets striking the earth.

There is a wide range of theories which have been proven totally wrong in several ways. The most unbelievable thing which is making news in the present era is the 2012 apocalypse predictions which are hovering overhead. No matter whether you are curious or naturally skeptic in nature, you can find wealth of information about the subject online.
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