Wand Exercises for Shoulders

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    What Is the Wand For?

    • The exercise wand gives you the ability to keep your arms straight during your shoulder exercises. Since your shoulder muscles are extremely sensitive, you must make sure you are exercising properly and not doing any more damage to the area.

    Shoulder Abduction and Adduction

    • An abduction is when you move your upper arm upward and away from the body. An adduction is when you move your upper arm downward and into the side of the body. Both of these can be done with wand exercises to increase strength and flexibility in your shoulder. Begin by standing straight with the wand in both hands against the front of your thighs. Whichever arm is not injured, that is your forceful arm. With that, lift both arms and begin pushing the injured arm up and to the side using the strength of your good arm. This is abduction. For adduction, do the same but push the injured arm downward using your good arm.

    Flexion and Extension

    • Flexion is simply lifting your arms upward in front of you and bending your shoulder joints. To exercise with flexion, hold the wand palms down in both hands in front of you. Keeping your elbows straight, lift your arms outward and up without going over your head. Bring your arms back down and repeat this 10 more times. It is important to keep your arms straight at all times during this exercise.

      Extension is when you move your upper arm downward and flex your shoulder joints. Place your arms behind you with the wands in both hands. Slowly lift your arms away and upward from your back until you cannot go any higher. Hold for 5 seconds, lower your arms, and repeat 10 more times.

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