Multi Faith Wedding Invitations - Top Important Aspects to Focus On

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When there is an interfaith marriage, there may be many challenges ahead including how the two families will accommodate each other in their personal zone. However, this is not the only problem related to the interfaith marriage. While prepping for the wedding invitation design, one is usually overwhelmed by the challenge of what to include in the card. Since different religions and faiths have different types of cards, it becomes very difficult to find the right one which is the best fusion of both. Here are some important aspects of multi faith wedding cards.

One of the most important aspects for multifaith wedding invitations is that it should outline the religious significance of both the faiths. For instance, if there is a marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim, the card should highlight the essence of both the religions. There are many ways to do it. For instance, Lord Ganesha is mandatory on all the wedding cards. So the wedding card can include a photo of Ganesha along with a note to Allah. However, this can only be done when both the families agree to it. It is not always necessary to have a hint of fusion in the wedding cards. The families can choose to have the cards of their own respective faiths too.

If there is any doubt about what to do with the wedding card, then it is better to go for something simple. One of the most important aspects of multifaith wedding invitations is that it should be able to represent both the faiths equally. But sometimes it cannot be achieved because of disagreements. In that case, one can go for a simple card which simply includes the invitation and the other details including venue and timing.

A lot of families getting involved in interfaith marriages decide to organize two ceremonies for each faith. If that is the case then it will be better to send two different invitations for both the ceremonies highlighting the tones of the respective faiths. For instance, one can send a Muslim style wedding card to those who will only attend the Muslim ceremony. Similarly, the Hindu style card can be sent to those who one wants to invite only to the Hindu ceremony. With this the chances are that none of the families will get offended and there will not be any disagreements.

Another very important aspect of a multi faith invitation card is that it keeps the requirements of both the religions in mind. It should be able to represent both the religions fully. One religion should not be given the importance over the other. To make sure this does not happen, it is important to include the card-fundamentals of both the religions in the invitation. Also, if required, the text of the card should be in two languages pertaining to respective religions. For instance, for a Hindu-Muslim wedding, the card could include text in Hindi as well as Urdu or Arabic. By giving proper respect to both the religions, a lot of disagreements and hassles can be avoided by both the parties.
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