Watering Tomatoes - Do You Know the Right Methods?

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You have decided to plant tomatoes in your backyard.
Now you would like to know what is the best way of watering.
Tomatoes are easy to take care of, provided that you keep a few tips in mind.
First, lets see why correct watering is so important.
If you water too much, the plants will still grow well.
They will be green and lush, with lot of leaves.
However, very few fruits will develop.
If you start supplying too much water once the fruits are already formed, they may crack.
Beginning gardeners tend to make this particular mistake.
If you water unevenly, the plants will be weak and can be attacked by a nasty disease, blossom-end rot.
Not enough water in the soil can slow down plant's growth, cause it to wither and die.
Tomatoes are particularly sensitive to the lack of moisture during hot summer days.
When should you water? Tomatoes grown in the ground require watering usually once in a few days.
Plants in the containers or pots should be treated much more frequently, even up to a few times a day during heat season.
Plastic pots dry slower than clay ones.
Mulching helps to protect moisture from evaporation and allows for longer periods between waterings.
Some types of soil may dry faster than others.
Check if the earth is wet at the depth of 1-1.
5 inch.
If not, it's time for watering.
The best time of the day for this is in the morning, so that the soil is warmed up during the day.
Make sure that the drops of water are not falling on the leaves, as that can result in the fungal condition called blight.
That is the reason why you should not use any kind of sprinklers for tomatoes.
Watering can, hose or a drip system works well.
Water long enough to let the moisture soak deeply around the roots.
Keep this simple rules in mind and you will have no problems with proper watering.
Your tomatoes will pay you back for a correct treatment with a big and tasty harvest!
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