How to Get More Cube Space on "Aion"

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    • 1). Speak to a Cube Factory Craftsman and give him the requested amount of kinah. Kinah is the currency used in the world of Aion. By giving him the requested kinah, he will expand your cube inventory space. You may do this up to 9 times for a total of 45 more cube slots. Note that each time you upgrade your cube inventory, the cost will increase for the next upgrade. The Cube Factory Craftsmen are located in Akarios Village, Sanctum, Aldelle Village and Abyss.

    • 2). Complete the Capital City Quests. To begin the quest, your character must first obtain level 29. Once the character has fulfilled this requirement, speak to either Demodocos in Elyos or Talon in Pandaemonium. The reward for completing this quest is additional cube space. You will not be required to pay kinah.

    • 3). Complete the Vindachinerk line of quests to obtain additional cube space. Your character must be level 35 or higher to initiate the quests. In Elyos, your character must speak to Poporinerk, located in Berone's Ruined House near the Gray Fog Marshes, to begin the quest. In Asmodian, speak to Nekorunerk in the Temple of Gold to begin.

    • 4). Obtain and use a Cube Expansion Card to increase the cube inventory space. This card is not obtainable in game, however, it is commonly given to users who subscribe to Aion for an extended period. After one month of subscription time, a user is given the 1 Month Veteran Reward pack, which contains the Cube Expansion Card.

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