"Ghost Whisperer" - Main Cast

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Here are the main characters from the CBS supernatural drama Ghost Whisperer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon

Melinda Gordon has inherited a gift held through at least five generations of her family: she communicates with earthbound spirits, ghosts who cling to the living because they have unfinished business that prevents them from moving beyond the familiar plane of existence that we call life. She then helps them to cross over, either by speaking to loved ones or by helping complete their unfinished business. For her part, Melinda accepts her unique abilities as a blessing and sometime curse, but always helps her clients, alive or dead, find emotional closure. Jennifer Love Hewitt has appeared in several feature films, includingHeartbreakers and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but became best known as one of the stars of Party of Five.

David Conrad as Jim Clancy

Jim, Melinda's husband, worries about the emotional toll this work is taking on his wife as they embark on a life together.It was revealed in the pilot episode that Jim witnessed his older brother, Dan, die when they were young kids. After having seen Dan die and being unable to save him, Jim decides to become a paramedic. During the fourth season Jim was fatally shot; his spirit later entered the body of a recently deceased man named Sam Lucas. David Conrad's television credits include starring roles in Relativity and Miss Match; he's also appeared in films and on Broadway.

Camryn Manheim as Delia Banks

Melinda has revealed her "gift" to her friend Delia Banks, a single mom who lives in Grandview with her son, Ned, but fears the consequences of drawing her into this "unconventional" world. Delia Banks joined the main cast of 'Ghost Whisperer' at the start of season 2, sought out by Melinda after Delia's late husband, Charlie, started haunting her. Delia long retained considerable skepticism about Melinda's abilities. Camryn Manheim is best known for her role as Ellenor Frutt in the drama series The Practice, for which she won both the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award.

Jamie Kennedy as Eli James

Melinda recently befriended Eli, a psychologist who can hear ghosts but can't see them, at the start of season 4. During a building fire on the Rockland University campus, he dies but is brought back, causing him to have a near death experience. This unlocks an ability that allows him to hear ghosts, but doesn't allow him to see them like Melinda. Eli copes with his ability and over several episodes starts helping Melinda help ghosts cross over. Comedian Jaime Kennedy is best known for the Scream films and the series The Jaime Kennedy Experiment. He's also appeared on Reaper.

Christoph Sanders as Ned Banks

Ned is Delia's teenage son with a reputation as a troublemaker. He is always eager to help Melinda with her ghosts, but almost never gets what he wants. Ned Banks was originally portrayed by Tyler Patrick Jones, but starting with season 3 episode "Slam," Christoph Sanders took over the role. Christoph Sanders is a stage actor from North Carolina; he appeared opposite Will Farrell in Talladega Nights.

Jay Mohr as Professor Rick Payne

Rick Payne is a professor at Rockland University, specializing in the occult; his wife, Kate, has passed away. Melinda sought his assistance early in season 2 and eventually he learns of her abilities. During season 2 and 3 they became friends and worked closely together. At the start of season 4 Payne left to undertake research in the Himalayas, following on Jay Mohr's having gotten a new series on CBS, Gary Unmarried.
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