Uncovering The Most Productive Michigan Walleye Fishing Spots

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The Great Lakes are great places to find walleye, and hotspots are available all over the lakes for large numbers of these glassy eyed critters.
In fact, Michigan walleye fishing can be great in several different spots in the Lakes, with four specific hotspots coming to mind immediately.
If you are looking for a guaranteed catch as a newcomer to the area, check out these four Michigan walleye fishing hotspots first.
Saginaw Bay is a great summer location for catching walleye if you enjoy spending long days on the water.
While this may not be the right location for an angler seeking a trophy-sized walleye, there are greater numbers here than many other spots on the Great Lakes.
The catch won't include some of the largest fish in the lakes, but the hatching ability that has been found in this particular location keeps the population enormously high.
In fact, there are so many naturally spawning fish in this bay that the stocking programs in the area have excluded it from the "in need" list, transferring most of its effort to 39 bodies of water in the Lake Huron Basin.
Check out the shallows for pre spawn specimens in early spring and post spawn specimens in the Saginaw River in mid March just before the close of the season, looking for food.
The biggest fish will be found at the end of April during the reopening of the seasoncruising the shallows of the bay.
Anglers predict lots of medium sized walleyes from Saginaw Bay in the 2007 seasons, ranging from 14-16 inches, making it an excellent prospect for Michigan walleye fishing in the near future and for years to come.
If you are interested in Michigan walleye fishing, you should also try the St.
Marys River system, where you'll find one of the most diverse and expansive walleye fisheries in the state.
Get ready to find fish everywhere - in the weeds, in the rocks, in the lakes and channels, in the flats, and anywhere else.
Note that, when fishing this river, the food sources are plentiful but change with the seasons, so you'll need to work your baits based on this.
Overall bottom-bouncers and crawler harnesses work well in almost any season as preferred lures.
The walleye here will also migrate from one area of the system to another, so work with local anglers to determine the habits of the fish before setting out blindly.
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