How to Make Invitations With Plaster

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    • 1). Pick a small object for your mold. The object can represent the the party's theme like a small plastic bone for a dinosaur birthday party or for a Christmas party choose a small angel or star ornament.

    • 2). Prepare a lump of molding material, such as plasticine or modeling clay to make a cast. Put it into a disposable container that will not stick to your molding material, such as the bottom of a milk carton, an aluminum foil pie plate or a Styrofoam cup. Flatten the surface with your palm or a rolling pin.

    • 3). Brush the object with some vegetable oil. Press the object into the surface of the clay or plasticine to make an impression, and then pull it out carefully.

    • 4). Examine the impression you made. If you don't like it mold the material into a solid form again and make another impression. Push the object in to the mold more, less or at a different angle until you achieve a clean, well-defined impression.

    • 5). Mix Plaster of Paris as directed by the manufacturer. Stir continuously while adding water in small amounts to avoid lumps. Work quickly to mix the plaster so you can get it into the mold before it begins to thicken and set.

    • 6). Pour the plaster into the mold slowly. Tap the mold to release air bubbles. Allow the plaster to set for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. This time can vary from a few hours to a few days, depending upon the size and thickness of the object you are casting.

    • 7). Remove the molding material from the container, cutting the container away if necessary. Peel the molding material away from the plaster model.

    • 8). Add finishing touches to your plaster model. For example, paint a Christmas ornament cast and write the party information on it with a glitter pen. Alternately, leave your small plaster model plain.

    • 9). Put your plaster model in a small box. Arrange it on a bed of some kind of filler like raffia or Spanish moss. Add a label sticker to the inside cover of the box with a message, such as, "Come Join the Party," and any other information necessary.

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      Wrap the box in wrapping paper and deliver them to your invited guest.

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