How to Beat the Reaper in "FF XIII"

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    • 1). Start the battle off by having Sazh cast Haste, Bravery and Faith on both herself and Vanille. These buffs will help increase their speed and attack damage.

    • 2). Have Vanille, while Sazh is casting buff spells, cast Imperil, Deprotect and Deshell on the Reaper. Casting these debuffs will make the Reaper take more magic, physical and elemental damage.

    • 3). Remove the Nerve Gas debuff the Reaper uses with War and Peace, as well as the medical spell removing poison.

    • 4). Use the abilities Slash & Burn and Dualcasting to damage the Reaper. When the Reaper does attack, he does a large amount of damage, so be ready to use one of the characters for healing items or casting a healing spell.

    • 5). Continue to use damaging attacks, or fire and ice spells, to defeat the Reaper.

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