How to Claim for Medical Negligence

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The standard of healthcare in the UK is one of the best in the world and everyday our medical professionals work hard to treat everyone who comes through their doors. However, even with this high standard of healthcare, accidents can happen and patients may sustain an injury through medical negligence. In such incidents, the patient could have valid grounds to make a personal injury claim and receive compensation.

What to do if you are injured due to medical negligence

Medical negligence generally applies to doctors, surgeons and nurses but it can also affect any other healthcare professional, be it an optician or a dentist. Essentially, if you have some form of medical treatment and there is negligence on the part of the healthcare professional that causes you an injury, you could have valid grounds to make a compensation claim.

If you are a victim and are considering make a personal injury claim, there are a few things you need to do:

Prove that there has been some form of medical negligence
Have the correct surgery and receive treatment for any injuries
Hire a specialist personal injury solicitor who has experience with medical negligence claims

The best way to prove that medical has taken place is to get another medical professional to assess your injuries as they have the necessary knowledge. However, it is important to note that some types of medical negligence are easier to prove than others. For example, it's relatively simple to identify where wrong site surgery has taken place but injuries that are sustained internally are much more difficult to identify. Therefore, the injury claims process for medical negligence can be quite complex and long winded.

Once you have decided that you wish to progress with your claim, you will need to hire a specialist personal injury solicitor who has successfully handle medical claims before as this will put you in the best chance possible of winning. Your solicitor will be able to manage your claim and also give you an estimate of how much compensation they believe you could be entitled to.

Before you hire your solicitor, you should ask to have some form of conditional fee agreement drawn up as this will help to cover you should you lose your claim.

Most personal injury claims take around 8 to 10 months to complete, but as stated earlier, medical negligence law is quite complex so you need to be prepared for a lengthy process. Don't try to rush things through as it could result in things being missed and ultimately have a negative effect on the outcome of your claim.
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