How to Soften Laundry Water

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    • 1). Reduce the amount of laundry detergent used. For water that isn't too hard, use half the amount of laundry detergent called for. One half cup of borax can be added to a wash load, in addition to the reduced detergent, to soften laundry water adequately.

    • 2). Combine ½ pound of washing soda, ¼ pound of borax and one gallon of warm water in a washed-out milk jug. Add one cup of this homemade water softener to a normal wash load in addition to the normal amount of detergent to soften your laundry water.

    • 3). Purchase a mechanical water softener. Mechanical water softeners are attached to the main water supply of a home, so they will soften water in showers and faucets. They can be expensive, but are long lasting, and can be purchased from retail home improvement stores.

    • 4). Buy commercial water softener from retail stores. This is a quick and easy solution for hard water and can be added with detergent when washing a load of laundry.

    • 5). Pour a half cup of vinegar into the washing machine during the final rinse cycle. This will soften laundry water and clothes, as well as remove stains and brighten colors. Distilled white vinegar works the best, but apple cider vinegar can be used as well.

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