Home Remedy for Removing Glue on Walls

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    Super Glue

    • Super glue may be known for its strength and flexibility, but -- just like Superman -- it, too, has a weakness. Acetone is commonly found in nail polish remover and usually dissolves super glue within minutes. Dab wet glue with a cloth to remove excess. Apply acetone to an inconspicuous part of the wall and if the color stays true, dab away the glue. Anything left can be sanded away with extra-fine sandpaper.

    All-Purpose Remedy

    • Stickers, stick-on hooks and adhesive-backed paper can often be removed from walls by applying hot, undiluted white vinegar. Soak a rag in the vinegar and then squeeze it onto the adhesive. Wait several minutes and then rub the glue off.

    Alternative All-Purpose Remedy

    • If the vinegar solution doesn't work, try placing a paper towel over the adhesive, and then a warm iron over the paper towel. Once the glue is warm and gooey, scrape it off with a dull butter knife or a vinegar-soaked rag. A hair dryer might also work, according to Ruth Yaron, author of "Super Baby Food."

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