What Types of Sea Mammals You Will See on A Galapagos Diving Cruise

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Going on a vacation is something we all need to do once in a while, because the chaos of life can get stressful and weigh you down.
One of the most relaxing places to go is on a Galapagos diving cruise.
The Galapagos Islands is one of the top tourist attractions in the world, because it is well-known for its history and the vibrant animal species that live there.
The islands are sometimes called "Darwin's Enchanted Isles," because they are closely linked to Charles Darwin and his visit to them in 1835.
They were the inspiration for his book on evolution, "The Origin of Species.
" The islands are filled with unique and rare animal species that live both above the water and underwater.
These are the main reasons people come to visit the islands - because of the beautiful creatures.
A Galapagos diving cruise is a good way to get a taste of the sea's beauty, because some of the world's most beautiful sea mammals and fish live off the Galapagos.
Diving is a good way to relax.
Because a guide is there, you will feel safe, while at the same time get the adventure of your life.
One of the rare sea mammals you will encounter on a Galapagos diving cruise is the whale shark.
Even though they are one of the largest sea creatures, weighing 20.
6 tons and measuring up to 40 feet long, they are harmless to humans, because they are filter feeders.
They feed on plankton and other small plants and fish that float by them, but sometimes they are known to let humans ride on them.
This beautiful mammal has gray and brown coloring with white spots.
They are one of the most magnificent creatures you will see while diving off the Galapagos Islands.
The season to see them is August 5th through the 26th.
Another sea mammal that is commonly seen while on a Galapagos diving cruise is the hammerhead shark.
These unique creatures are shaped just like their name states with a hammer for a head.
These sharks live off of tropical shores like the Galapagos, and they tend to travel in groups.
The unique mallet-shaped head that they have allows them to see their prey more clearly than other sharks.
Even though they are one of the largest sharks, reaching 20 feet with a maximum weight is 1,000 pounds, the majority of the species are small and harmless to humans.
Other sea mammals that you will experience on your Galapagos diving cruise include sea lions, rays, and dolphins.
These creatures are what make diving in Galapagos waters enchanting and adventurous.
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