Hair Cutting Scissors Review

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Hair cutting scissors come in a wide variety of shapes, blades, steel types and designs, so aside from functionality, your personal preference also plays an important part in your choice.

Keeping the customer satisfied is always the number one priority of every hair stylist, but having a good pair of professional scissors will ensure your complete satisfaction also. Whether you're looking for no-nonsense blades with a conservative design or a fashionable pair that express your personality with every snip without compromising functionality, there is a perfect pair for you and all it takes is a look around.

The design preferred by most professional barbers includes a convex edge blade with a long crane handle found in the pro quality Saki Katana hair cutting scissors, as this type of shear is versatile, smooth and swift for snipping, slide-cutting and creating new and unique styles.

Remember to define the type of scissors you want before setting out to buy one, since there are many varieties of this hair cutting tool. One of them is the texturizing shear, also called thinning, chunking or layering scissors. These scissors are used for a specific purpose and that is to decrease volume, create layers or add texture to hair without altering the style. There are many other types of scissors but the one's you'll see most are for basic cutting ones and texturizing.

But now let's get down to the important aspect of the right blades. Make sure that they are made with Japanese steel with more than 53 Rc for durability, precision and strength. A useful tip when checking out the blades is to open and close them slowly to make sure that there's no friction that could make cutting difficult later on. Also, check the tension of the screw by fully opening the scissors and then allowing one blade to drop freely. If the tension is correct, it should stop smoothly at the ten-to-the-hour position.

An ergonomic design and a light weight are also of significant importance when it comes to haircutting scissors since the ease and smoothness that they provide are directly linked to how well the stylists maneuver and perform with them. Before purchasing a pair, always hold them in your hand and make sure you're comfortable using them.

A good pair of professional hair scissor can help you achieve efficient haircutting for your customers, and finding a top quality pair will guarantee ultra-sharp blades and the smoothest, swiftest cutting experience for yourself.

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